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Release Date:
June 2001.


  Michael J. Fox (Milo James Thatch)
  Mark Hamill; Claudia Christian (Helga Sinclair)
  Jim Varney (Cookie)
  John Mahoney (Preston Whitmore)
  James Garner (Captain Roarke)
  Phil Morris (Joshua Sweets)
  Florence Stanley (Wilhelmina Packard)
  David Ogden Stiers (Fenton Harcourt)
  Don Novello (Vinnie Santorini)
  Cree Summer (Princess Kida)
  Leonard Nimoy (Atlantian King)

It's the late 19th century, and Smithsonian researcher Milo J. Thatch is recruited to go on an underwater quest to discover the lost continent of Atlantis.