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Main Street USA

As you first enter The Magic Kingdom this will be the first "land" you will encounter. As you make your way under the Walt Disney World Railroad Station you will already be able to feel like you have been transported from reality to Disney's version of a turn-of-the-century Main Street. Main Street is divided up into four "blocks", Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, and Northeast. At the Southern part of Main Street is the Town Square Area where you can find The Main Street Railroad Station, and City Hall. At the Northern part of Main Street you can find the "hub" of the park which will lead you to the other six lands of The Magic Kingdom, as well as to Cinderella's Castle. There are a few minor attractions here, and over a dozen stores selling a variety of clothing, character merchandise, camera rentals, chocolate, and those mousekeeter hats.

Walt Disney World Railroad
The Walt Disney World Railroad is powered by a real 1928 steam engine which circles the entire park making brief stops at Frontierland and Mickey's Toontown Fair. The railroad is a great introduction to The Magic Kingdom giving guests a preview of all seven lands.
Walt Disney World has three locomotives, The Lilly Belle named after Walt Disney's wife, The Roger E. Broggie named after an Imagineer who helped Walt Disney layout the scale-model train in his backyard, and The Roy O. Disney named after Walt Disney's older brother.

Main Street Cinema
Here at The Main Street Cinema guests can see Mickey Mouse appear in "Mickey's Big Break" which details how Mickey Mouse got chosen for his first staring role. Other Mickey Mouse cartoons are shown including Mickey's first cartoon "Steamboat Willie."

"Fantasy in the Sky" Fireworks
This incredible pyrotechnic display fills the sky with a rainbow of color, as a symphony of classic Disney songs keeps time.

"Disney's Magical Moments" Parade
Disney Characters interact with you in this enchanting parade. Performed daily, weather permitting.

The Dapper Dans
With straw hats and striped vests, this barbershop quartet performs daily on Main Street, U.S.A., tap dancing, singing,and reeling off one-liners for the Park Guests.

"Main Street Electrical Parade"
Witness all the brilliant magic of the "Main Street Electrical Parade."

The Main Street Philharmonic
Get set for this 12-piece brass and percussion ensemble of shopkeepers and craftsmen as they entertain one and all with their turn-of-the-century tunes.